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Salt / Sugar Free, No artificial or preservatives added

  • A boost of zesty lemon flavor on popular recipes like fish, poultry dishes, roasted or grilled chicken, salmon, and shellfish.


    Irresistibly packed up with  100% natural Herbs and Spices, making it  a  straight forward flavor of lemon, pepper, cumin, basil and more healthy ingredients. 


    No salt, no sugar, no color, no preservatives, no artificial, no monosoduim gluatmate (MSG), no anti caking agents, color, gluten free, zero Carbs.


    This is what separate Flavor Spice Seasonings from store-bought seasonings which can contain some other potentially unwanted ingredients like artificial flavors, so be sure to check the label.


    Lemon Pepper

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    Lemon Pepper
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