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Flavors Spice LLC : Healthy Seasoning

Our Mission Statement : Our goal Is to eat tasty & eat Healthy.

One of our business mission or goal is to make sure that our customers eat healthy.

Welcome to Flavor spice : THE HOME OF FLAVOR, where all Seasonings and Spices are hand crafted with 100% Natural Herbs and Spice with No element nor Atom of Additives, No Artificial, Preservatives, No Salt, No sugar, No MSG, No Anti-Caking Agent, Zero Gluten and Silicon more........

This automatically gives you the power to cook like a PRO*

Our goal Is to eat tasty & eat Healthy because your Health Is Your Wealth.

Our interest / love for spices and seasonings was stimulated by our dissatisfaction on the current trend seasoning or spice industry is moving towards.

It is now very difficult to buy or obtain an actual healthy seasoning with no atom or an element of additive in it (e.g : sugar, salt , preservatives, artificial). Just to make it clear : We are what we eat.

It is quite understandable that everyone must die one day, but you have a choice to make on how long you will have to live base on your diets or what you eat.

Have you ever wonder why America have the best Healthcare Professionals, Best Hospitals, Best equipment's , insurances and yet with the highest level, different types of diseases and highest number of sickness that can not be seen anywhere in the world.

For reason, Our goal Is to cook flavor, eat tasty & eat Healthy. I challenge you today to watch all the salt level in the seasoning that can cause you High Blood Pressure, the sugar level in some seasoning that cause diabetes for you and many more like silicon with anti-caking, preservatives etc.

Please just take a little 1 or 2 minutes to read the content your seasoning or spice ingredients before buying and using it.


I realized that so many company that produce foods and spices cannot eat what they produced because they know that what they sell to the general public is totally unhealthy and we the people does not take out time to read the ingredients used in making those spices or seasonings. We are carried away with what the name of the spice is.

95% of these spices are seasonings you buy at the store or online are mixed with chemicals, preservatives, colors, high amount of sugar and salt, MSG, fillers, anticaking agent and so on.

That's why I started mixing my own spice that I use at home myself. Every spice and blends I make at FLAVOR SPICE is what my family eats. All our spices are 100% natural free from chemicals, sugar free, MSG free, no fillers no preservatives , no anticaking agent etc.. and our body thank us, because we trust our ingredients. .

I would like you to try our spices and other healthy foods we have like our unadulterated palm oil which is 100% natural with no added chemicals like dye, color, crude oil and so on.


Flavor Spice LLC

Where All Is Naturally Crafted with 100% Herbs and Spices to Automatically give you the power to cook like a PRO

Please invite your friends and family.

Above all we are what we eat. Eat healthy, avoid foods that will damage your body. Stay safe out there.

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