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Salt / Sugar Free, No artificial or preservatives added

  • Soups are one of the most prepared dish African countries. It often goes with  Pounded Yams, Garri, Fufu, Oat Fufu, Plantain Fufu and more. 


    Flavor Spice African Soup Seasoning is formulated to automatically enhance that traditionally rooted taste, flavor & aroma for a typical African soup Lover, despite the cultural variation with preparations.




    • Crafted with 100% Rich Natural Herbs and Spice to automatically enhance you with the power to cook like a PRO, giving you that Flavor and Sweet taste you get from the restaurant.


    •  No salt, no sugar, no color, no preservatives or artificial added. Completely Pure Gluten free, Dairy free & Anti caking agent free, zero carbs & zero MSG.


    • It guarantees you with that traditionally rooted savory & delicious taste that you know and will ever taste. 


    • Is great on Okoro soup, Egusi soup, Oha soup, Bitter leave soup, Vegetable with spinach, Efo Riro  or Ugwu, Ogbono and many more local soup you can think of.


    • Simply Hand Crafted Masterpiece!




    African Soup Seasoning

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