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Salt / Sugar Free, No artificial or preservatives added

  •  For All Draw Soup Lovers


    Ever wanted a quality quality and clean Ogbono since you've been living abroad. Touring between stores?, nothing but lower quantity dust and dirty Ogbono at a very high price.  Hey same everywhere. We've got you covered.   


    Introducing the first ever 100% Raw, purest clean and Tasty Ogbono from Nigeria. 


    Welcome to Flavor spice : THE HOME OF FLAVOR, where all is natural. No artificial or preservatives, no Salt, no sugar added.


    Our goal Is to eat tasty & eat Healthy.


    Why you would love a Flavor Spice Ogbono:

    • Texture:  100% Authentic Raw Ogbono,  you will know what i mean.

    • Time taken cleaned 

    • Sand free, stone free, shell free, No Weevil, No dust, No dirt.

    • It is pure and neat.

    • Affordable

    • Easy delivery to your door step

    • Family size

    Power to Change the Taste of you Soup today.

    Whole Ogbono

    PriceFrom $7.99
    • Raw Ogbono Whole Seed

      Place of origin: Nigeria

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