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Salt / Sugar Free, No artificial or preservatives added

  • Ever wanted a quality crayfish since you been living abroad. Touring between stores?, nothing but but lower quantity dust and dirty crayfish at a very high price.  Hey same everywhere. We've got you covered.   


    Introducing the first ever 100% Raw, purest clean and Tasty Crayfish from Oron Nigeria.


    Why you would love a Flavor Spice tasty Crayfish


    Texture: 100% Authentic Raw Sweet Crayfish


    Time taken cleaned, Sand free, stone free, shell free, No Weevil, No dust, No dirt.


    It is pure and neat. Affordable.


    Easy delivery to your door step.


    Family size (Full Custard bucket).


    Given you The Power to Change the Taste of your Soup today.

    Whole Crayfish : Full Custard Bucket Size

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    • Whole Crayfish From Oron Calabar, Nigeria

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