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Salt / Sugar Free, No artificial or preservatives added

  • Traditionally we use nutmeg as a garnish for eggnog, Pairing it with its flavor friends cinnamon and cloves for great baking spices.


    Nutmeg can be used in so many amazing ways that you can not even begin to imagine which come in the form of savory dishes.  


    Flavor spice : THE HOME OF FLAVOR, where all is natural. No artificial or preservatives added, offers you our unadulterated Nutmeg like you have never tasted or seen before.


    Nutmeg seed by nature is packed with a set of formulated and a combination of Spices to give it traditional and earthly unique savory and sweet deep flavor you have been craving for. This gives you the power to automatically cook or bake like a pro with no effort or stress. 


    Nutmegs essential oils break down quickly when exposed to heat, which diminishes flavor and aroma there by giving you an extra pleasant scent.

    Nutmeg Powder

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    • 100% Natural Nutmeg

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