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Salt / Sugar Free, No artificial or preservatives added

  • Healthy & Natural Citrus from Dry Lemon Peel


    Flavor Spice Lemon peel powder is Natural Hand Crafted with 100% dried lemon peels.

    peels are packed with vitamin C and other nutrients that your precious body greatly benefits from.


    The bright and sour flavor is stimulating and makes a wonderful, uplifting addition to herbal teas and add wonder Lemon flavor to variety food.


     Citrus x limon powder can be added to bath and body creations, dessert recipes, marinades, and savory culinary dishes.


    Although orange peel is more commonly prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, lemon peel also stimulates the appetite by encouraging the release of gastric juices to digest food and helps provide vitamin C. Lemon peel is added to scores of herbal teas and herbal formulas for aroma and taste enhancement. 




    • Crafted with 100% Rich Natural Dry Lemon Peel

    • Absolutely no salt, no sugar, no color, no preservatives or artificial added. 

    • Completely Pure Gluten free, Dairy free & Anti caking agent free.

    • Zero Cabs & zero MSG.

    • about 3 times stronger than fresh zest (Lemon substitute), flavored.

    • Shelf Life: Can last up to 3 years  .

    • Simply Hand Crafted Masterpiece!



    Great for recipe for lemon or lemon zest recipes such as Vegan Lemon Cake or Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites, salad dressing, smoothie, yogurt, dessert, Fish, Meat, Pork, lemon pepper or even add to fresh water and more that you cant even image.



    Lemon Powder

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    • Natural Lemon Peel

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